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Georgia State Beekeepers Spring Conference

Honestbee Hives attended the Georgia Spring Conference 2 weeks ago.  We had an awesome time introducing Technosetbee Plastic hives to those attending.  We met many great folks from varying aspects of the beekeeping world.  We chatted with some real characters and heard many a bee story.  I especially loved the many questions and the smiles when they first spotted the colorful boxes. 

We are on our way to the North Carolina/South Carolina Spring Conference in Rock Hill, SC today.  The conference will be Friday and Saturday March 3-4.  I am sure Honestbee Hives will have another great weekend introducing the plastic hives and offering some great deals on beekeeping essentials to those attending. The Carolinas have so many bee clubs and the state conferences offer so much information for those old and new to beekeeping. 

The weather here in the Carolinas has been very warm - the trees are blooming and bees have already started swarming. I can only hope that the rest of 'winter' remains mild and spares the early blooms and new brood. 

Happy Beekeeping -  Kim Wood

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