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Technosetbee Tri-Fold Frame - deep

Technosetbee Tri-Fold Frame - deep


Tri-Fold full-depth frame when extended, can be prepared with foundation and inserted into any Langstroth hive. When the comb is drawn and it is full of brood and supplies, the frame can be removed from the hive with all the bees attached, unclicked and folded to make 3 small frames. When folded, the frame can be transferred with bees to the Q8 chamber with a mature queen cell. After confirming your queen is laying eggs properly, the Tri-Fold frame (extended and locked) is ready to be transferred into a nuc 3x3 or 2x5 development hive.

Wax foundation can be securely wired to each frame section. 

Plastic foundation can also be used. Cut to size and attached to the frame section with stainless steel screws. 

 *Stock colors may be different than shown.