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About us

Hello.  My name is Kim Wood, owner of Honestbee Hives,  Let me start by telling you a little about myself.  I have worked as an electrical engineer in the computer world for over 25 years.  I love solving challenging problems.  I began my hobby of beekeeping in 2006 by signing up for a local certified beekeeping class.  I have had some very successful years and then some that left me feeling quite defeated.  I have battled small hive beetles, carpenter ants, wax moths, and varroa mites (of course).

One year I was able to purchase a couple of food-grade plastic (HDPE) top feeders.  I found them to be just fabulous.  They were sturdy, leak free, easily maintained and did not grow mold!  This led me to search for more plastic hive parts, but I always came up empty handed.  I did find that food-grade plastic hives are prevalent in other parts of the world (France, Greece, Turkey, China, United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Australia).  Thus my quest to make plastic hives and components readily available in the United States began.  I hope you will be as pleased with them as I am.

Wishing you happy and healthy beekeeping.

Sincerely - Kim Wood