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Beginning Beekeeping Kit

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A smart kit with a few beekeeping essentials to get you started in a sweet hobby :
  • A High quality European style domed stainless steel bee smoker with sturdy leather bellows. Full heavy wire heat shield cage with internal fuel canister and a handy hook for safe hanging within reach. Overall 10" high with 8" barrel height and 4" barrel diameter. Enough smoke for most jobs in the hive without refueling. Perforated inner fuel canister is 6.25" high.
  • Silicone band included to seal lid of smoker.
  • Our Bee Brush has a sturdy wooden handle and three rows of soft bristles to gently sweep your hard working bees safely out of the way when you inspect the hive or harvest that delicious honey. Cleanup is easy. Simply rinse with warm water or add some gentle dishwashing liquid if needed.
  • An essential tool for the beekeeper is the Stainless Steel 10" Standard Beehive Tool. The curved end is used to lift or pry frames from the hive. The flat end is used to scrape excess wax and bee propolis from frames or beehive body. The hole is for pulling nails or for hanging the tool in a convenient location. Approximately 10.2" long and 1.5" wide at ends.